Hello all!

2011-04-05 10:17:46 by emersonhc

We're still going strong and have a new E.P. in the works which should hopefully showcase better composition and maturity in our music! Can't wait for you all to hear it!

If you could do us a big favour and head over to our facebook page (seeing as myspace has now died a glorious death) and like our page + refer all of your friends, that would definitely help us out a lot.


Thanks to all who read this and are still actually looking here and having a listen to us!

<3 Emerson

Hey guys!

2009-12-22 09:29:23 by emersonhc

Hey Newgrounds!

Thanks for such amazing feedback with our first song uploaded here "Desperate Damaged". We're all really glad you liked it and really did not expect such a positive response!

We've just finished recording another song called "Blurred Vision", and it will be uploaded here for you all. Help us out and spread the word of our band and our myspace page to those who may be interested in our style of music. Because the driving force of the music industry is of course the fan base, and we need the biggest we can achieve :)

Our myspace link again is - http://www.myspace.com/emersonhxc - Please don't hesitate to add or comment us, we are happy to reply to any comments or questions anybody may have.

Thanks again guys,

Emerson: support us!

2009-11-07 03:20:13 by emersonhc

hey newgrounds!

We're Emerson, a hardcore metal band from Victoria Australia. We're working really hard to make quality songs so if you like what you hear we'd love you to add us to your friends list on myspace.


Emerson: support us!